The Dunhill Blues - Second Prize in a Beauty Contest - 12" LP (Outtaspace)

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The Dunhill Blues - Second Prize in a Beauty Contest - 12" LP (Outtaspace)

New 12-track Dunnies' album on Outtaspace.
Cover Art of Fox, mastered by Mikey Young. Limited 100 copies.


THREE divorces, one marriage, one baby, one European tour, countless Australian east coast tours, line-up changes, a 7” single...plenty went down between releasing our third album, Hulacide, in 2012, and recording our fourth over a couple of days in January 2017 at Brain Studios, Sydney.

Jeff and Greg had stepped back to concentrate on life outside the Dunnies bubble. In came Matt Hell on drums and Sean “Mad Dog” McKenzie on guitar, joining on guitar/vox and Adam on bass/vox.

"Shit was grim for me back then and the songs reflected the headspace I was in. The songs oozed heartbreak like blood from a gunshot wound. One that’s hit somewhere nasty like your face or balls, too -- not some pissy flesh wound. It was nasty. Titles like: 'Done For Good', 'That’s a Fucking Lie!' and 'I Wasn’t There' did not beat around the bush about what was going on. It was a giant, cathartic rock'n'roll vomit and it felt great.

"In between my songs, Adam piped in with enough to balance it all out. Songs like 'Deadbeat', 'Modern Technology', 'Quench' and 'Outta Touch' draw from the tried-and-true Dunnies' themes of getting drunk and feeling old.
"Celia Curtis (White Knuckle Fever/Stone Cold Fox) joined me on lead vox for the breakneck 'You Can Hurry Love', and absolutely killed it. Our friend J-Bee McCoy from French band Rhinosonics set a few other tracks on fire with his blistering piano.

"It was a killer album...but a couple of months later, the line-up fell apart and I was spent. The album got shelved. No biggie -- always knew I’d come back to it at some point...


"Ladies and germs, for the very first time the long-lost fourth Dunnies album Second Prize in a Beauty Contest will be released on 12” vinyl through Outtaspace. The run is limited to 100 copies only so honestly, don’t fuck around, they won’t be here long. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

"Stick your hand in your pocket, ya mugs!"

Dan Dunhill