The QUICK SIXES - SWAMPED - 12" LP (OUTTASPACE) - Sending now!

The QUICK SIXES - SWAMPED - 12" LP (OUTTASPACE) - Sending now!

It's back! Preorders sent 18 Dec.

OUTTASPACE invites you to be SWAMPED by a sonic wave of terror! and tremolo! from Geelong’s THE QUICK SIXES! Their debut 12” LP is exactly what you’d expect from a bunch of bored surfers without a 2020 prom date -- recording a ’60s-style garage-punk A-side surfside in the early stages of Victoria’s lockdown to complete their first record. Gnarly…

Side A: Winch Shed, Winchelsea (June 2020) Dusty blues title track SWAMPED sees Spaceman Dave (ex-Mergatroid, Labrat, Spacefarmers) engaged in a SPOOKY SÉANCE with Creedence, JSBX! and a maudlin Elvis; RADIOACTIVE features Phil “Beehive” Honey’s Hammond keys floating over a tight ’60s rhythm‘n’blues groove, a shedload of reverb, and A-bomb lyrics.

KING TIDE is a haunting ballad which recalls Doors and Radio Birdman, while the instrumental-as-anything TERROR AUSTRALIS has shades of Morricone/Ventures and a slice of Wedding Cake Island. RESTLESS HEARTS enters the echo chamber with dreamy buzzsaw lead axe and a perfect fadeout. Then it’s BACK TO THE SEA a quiet-LOUD-quiet Pixies-esque song dedicated to Dave’s yearning for the BRINY after he relocated from Sydney’s Northern Beaches to inner-city Melbourne when he was (sort of) a grom.

Side B: Rick’s Place, Barwon Heads (July 2018) MONSTER GIRL is pretty much the first track OUTTASPACE heard from THE QUICK SIXES, and it became a favourite at the mothership ’cos of its back-from-the-grave vibe and psych-rock fuzz beat. The brooding INVISIBLE TO YOU -- about a dude who can’t be seen in a crowd -- showcases drummer Rick “Sticks” Porteous and bassist Phil “Smurf” Smurthwaite’s impressive rhythm section. We’ll leave it to you to decide if the cool-but-downbeat BLUE CAVES is about the BLACK DOG or getting tubed in the surf.

Meanwhile, TOO GHOUL FOR SCHOOL is a kooky tribute to monster movies and BOOGIE MUZAK, and the whirligig, bittersweet LYING EYES summons a crescendo from Dave that smacks of his hollerin’ days in Mergatroid. Here endeth THE QUICK SIXES surf lesson with ROGUE WAVE -- which is, naturally, about a chick…

Thanks to Marty Schneider for the BODACIOUS Ed “Big Daddy” Roth/monster-themed depiction of THE QUICK SIXES at the WINCH SHED -- complete with spiders, surfboards, dogs, chooks and EMPTIES.

Mastered by Sam Agostino; 150 copies on black wax! OUT NOW!